Thursday, February 21, 2013

To be or Not to be an...Artist

So I paint....and believe me I couldn't do any form of art before. If I was in my art class and a teacher told me to do a drawing or something.....this would be me "LoL what are you cray dude?" more then likely he got a crippled looking octopus. Yea I could not do art it was not my thing I hated it. Then one day I really wanted a canvas and my mum found some on sale and she bought me a few. So I painted they weren't the best things ever until I painted a rose and that looked ok..see?

Not totally awful.
Then I began to paint more and here are my results. Also I thoroughly enjoy creepy trees.

I just paint and I go with music or my thoughts or something like that.
And this one is my favourite. There is a story but it's a hard story to tell so here you go a story in a painting and if you want...tell the story yourself. Tell me a story to go with this very last painting. ♥

The heart is stitched back together 

Long Time No See Darlings

Well hello Darlings;
Wow I feel like I've entered a previous world...which technically speaking I have. This previous world of blogger. 
    I hardly know what to write...where to begin right?
   Well I have one week until my very first high school dance oh boy :D I'm entirely excited for this because it's my first and who doesn't love a first something. I'm going with my dear, dear kindred spirit Danae (another blogger) I have my dress already this cute little black dress with silver lace on it. I'll take pics. Now it's a jungle theme and we know what that means for most people...."Leopard Print" now I'm not judging or anything, but everyone will be wearing leopard so I thought of a new idea. Danae and I will be going in all black and have black masques as well, which I am ever so excited for :P LoL I know i'm just randomly talking about this dance, it's just I forgot how to blog, and don't worry I'll figure it out again.
 Fare well now Beautiful Creatures 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeling the urge to blog

Hello Pretties :)
Wow I haven't blogged in FOREVER oh well. Well lately I have been in Kamloops and I have just finished school. All my exams are done and I didn't really like them at all. And yea I went to Kamloops for the week end that wuz a fun trip got to visit some people I haven't seen in a long time. And I got my hair dyed black and its also cut fairly short. If any of you have watched Wizards of Waverly place the cut is the same one that Alex has when it is quite short. But other than these few things I haven't done a whole lot. Well I started reading the Pretties again its such a good book I certainly recommend it for people. :)
Have a nice day and I might blog again this week if I remember :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ditcher ♥

So today I ditched school! :O "SAY WHAT!?!?"
Yes I ditched school kinda. My mum took me down to the states for some shopping it wuz so fun. We went to Ross and I got this gorgeous black dress for a guitar concert I have in a week, which I'm singing in one of the songs for thought I'd mention that. Yea so we went to Ross and I also got an unmentionable and a cute tank top that overly too big for me. Then we headed over to Bellisfair and in Hot Topic I found a mockingjay necklace that if you flip it around it shows the 3 finger salute wooh so exciting. And me my mum had afew good laughs through out the mall :P inside jokes that Janaya has heard shh don't tell. Mmmhmm :P Then we headed to the food court there and I had Indian food which wuz butter chicken chilli chicken with veggies and naan bread oh and Dr.Pepper just to have the whole Indian food experience right? Then we drove to wal mart found a bike I extremely like but couldn't get it :( Oh well yea so then I bought a Perry the platypus shirt so HOT!!! And we got Pocky :) Yes so then we came home and this happened: 
  13,13,13 on the odometer of our car

So yea we came home and we watched the season finale of Big Bang Theory YAY SHAMY HELD HANDS WOOOOOH!!!!!!! So exciting can't wait for next season gonna be so funny I think Leonard and Penny might end up gettting married but I want to see more with Sheldon and Amy their so cute ♥♥♥

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Nice Chat with Ty and Janaya

Hey folks
so today I worked all day then I came home and wrote a newspaper article then I skyped with Tyler and Janaya. That wuz really quite fun. I finally got to actually talk to Tyler and he got to see that I'm not really truly this ax murdering psychopath that he thought I wuz. How it really started wuz I wuz skyping Janaya and so we were chatting then she walked away to go do something then Tyler just kinda popped up in the camera and is like "HEY CAITLIN!" He actually kinda scared me cuz I didn't know anyone wuz there. So I came back on and he told me his sis Alia had asked Janaya about some stuff on piano so she left to help her with that. So when she came back we all chatted for a while longer. It wuz quite nice to meet you Tyler :)
And this is for you...
Hey Ty

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just to make you think.

Oh Rose why didn't you try harder to let Jack live. If you really loved you would have let him on that door with you. But no you had to selfish. Anyways I'm sure everyone has seen Titanic. Such a great movie right? Well Rose wuz kinda being mean to Jack. Cuz that door it could've fit both of them on there but she wuz too scared to try cuz it flipped. OH WAH YOUR LOVER COULD'VE LIVED!!!!! LoL wanna see how they both could have fit? K

My Place

I wrote this story for English class and decided to post it on blog. Hope you like.
     She jumped out of bed and threw on her jean short overalls and favourite blue tweety bird shirt, and ran out the door. A she flew outside she paused in the bright sun, and stared at the large pines beckoning to her.
     Quickly she searched the street for followers, then took off running down the road. Nearing the edge of the treeline, she took light steps being careful not to disturb anything around her. When the trees enveloped her in their minty smell she became a part of the woods. The sound of rustling leaves and calling birds soothed her on the trek to "Her Place". The fresh smell of wild violets mixed with pines dangled in the light summer breeze. Casting a quick glance back she pursued on. Coming over the hill she look to her right at the long flat field, then turning to the left she walked down a path to the dense part of the woods. The wind picked up and the trees seemed to call out,
"Keep going! Carry on!"
     Suddenly hearing the gurgle of water she knew she was close. As she neared the shallow creek she slipped off her socks and shoes. Wading into the ankle deep stream, the cool water slipped over her feet and through her toes.
     Willow leaves danced in the wind and swooped down and played in her hair. She scanned the area for the indication of "Her Place". Searching the grove she saw it. "Her Place". The large thick willow with the wooden blocks nailed in the front. The tree house with the two rectangles cut away for a door and window.
     She ran to the tree and climbed up. Grabbing a beach blanket from the corner she settled down. Slipping an Oreo from the box the table and slowly sipping her half full coke she sighed contently to herself. Grabbing her Narnia book from the table she dreamily closed her eyes. Humming quietly the girl began to read and daydream of what a secret world like Narnia would be like. She thought to herself she was already there.