Thursday, February 21, 2013

To be or Not to be an...Artist

So I paint....and believe me I couldn't do any form of art before. If I was in my art class and a teacher told me to do a drawing or something.....this would be me "LoL what are you cray dude?" more then likely he got a crippled looking octopus. Yea I could not do art it was not my thing I hated it. Then one day I really wanted a canvas and my mum found some on sale and she bought me a few. So I painted they weren't the best things ever until I painted a rose and that looked ok..see?

Not totally awful.
Then I began to paint more and here are my results. Also I thoroughly enjoy creepy trees.

I just paint and I go with music or my thoughts or something like that.
And this one is my favourite. There is a story but it's a hard story to tell so here you go a story in a painting and if you want...tell the story yourself. Tell me a story to go with this very last painting. ♥

The heart is stitched back together 


  1. tsk tsk tsk where have you been girl? I missed you so much!! Anyway Im glad your back hopefully for longer this time :)
    beautiful paintings, btw! i love the backgrounds in all of them, just lovely!
    stay cool!
    all my love,
    EJ xxx

    1. LoL I know I probably will stick around for a while and thanks and I missed you too
      Loves--C-- ♥

    2. Hey thats good to hear :D